Helmet Sticker Set Style #2 (11 decals)

$39.99 $25.99
choose from kx green, yellow, orange, blue , red, silver, pink, kelly green, navy, purple, dark grey, gold

This comes in a set with 3 number stickers (size 2"high x approx. 4" wide") with your number-- 2 arched back stickers (2"x4") with your name-- 2 side stickers with first/last name/number-- 4 Factory Backing decals-- The color will fade from white to what ever color you select. The outline will be put around the color you choose. You can put first name on top smaller and last name bigger if you want or just the first or last name. These are custom printed with your name and number on 16 mil hi bond adhesive that will conform to your helmet and not wrinkle! Better that paint!!!! and less money, art is better, looks better, last longer, and won't ruin your helmet when selling or changing the number.