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To order by phone call us at 888-298-7448 Summer Hours 9am -4 pm m-th.
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9am to 5 pm mountain time.
We are closed all holidays.


Stuck on ordering something, feel free to call us if you need any help at 888-298-7448. 


Most orders ship within 2 -4 business days because they are custom made to order items.  Full graphic kits that require art proofs take longer then a standard custom items , normally 2-3 days for an art proof and 1 day to print/ship custom graphic orders. Some times of the year we get a higher volume then normal so it could delay orders. Please call us if you are unsure on a time frame and shipping times vary for destinations.


What do graphic kits come with? A. Graphic kits come with 21 mil thick decals to cover most areas of the plastics surface. Some templates vary and may not cover certain parts of the bike. PLASTICS ARE NOT INCLUDED AND WE DO NOT SALE PLASTICS, SEAT COVERS ARE NOT INCLUDED. We do sale seat covers here

My bike has a updated front number plate, can I mix match the year of the bike? A. YES - Put that info under bike model, be specific as there are many years and brands of restyle plastics

Can you do Florescent colors? A. NO

Can you do Iridium or chrome ink? A.NO

What are Semi Custom Graphics? You tell us the colors you need, the logos you want and we make them up and send you an art proof for approval. 

DO you send art proofs of all orders? A.No (only semi custom graphics)

Can you send me an art proof before I place the order? A. NO (due to the time involved into your order we cannot do the artwork prior) if you do not like the order we can make adjustments and if you really want to cancel there is a 1 time fee of $60.00

Can you copy another persons design? A. NO

Can you print my design?A. In most cases the answer is NO. Most files are not set up to print and we have no way to know if you copied another's design etc etc! 

How long after I order can I expect my order to arrive? Most orders ship within 2-3 business days but full graphic kits take longer, depending on the art proof and approvals a full graphic kits take 4-7 days typically. 

Order Help!

Please do not hesitate to call us if you need any help placing your online order. 888-298-7448